24 Kitchenware Items for Cat Lovers/Furries (That Won’t Try to Scratch You) Part 1

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Today we’re gonna talk about a meowtain of cat-themed products. If your kitchen was a member of the Felidae family, this stuff is basically catnip. Don’t worry, though. These won’t make your house roll around like it’s on something and bite and thrash what’s between its paws. They’re just a real treat that look fab and make life easier in some way. Folks might already have some of the tools on this list, but- DO THEY LOOK LIKE CATS!? HM!? Welp, these little beauties are sure to change any cooking station in a way that’s 100% paw-sitive.


Drink Coasters (Liquid Table Ring Purr-tection)

Whether you want to avoid moisture rings on a surface or just have something that rhymes with toasters, you can’t go wrong with coasters. And while you’re at it, why not check out this wooden set of four, cutesy, cat-face ones? Each sip of your drink is like playing peekaboo, and that alone is worth the cost. Uh- right? Either way, these will protect your countertops fur-real.

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Cutting Board (A Paw-some Place to Mince)

Don’t worry! It’s okay! This isn’t a board that cuts things. It’s a board that you can cut things on. Quite the relief, right? Plus, it’s shaped like a paw print with little grooves around the pads that can keep little bits from rolling off. For someone that does a lot of kitchen work, this slice and dice pad is the cat’s meow.

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Cheese Board (A Curdled Milk Holder with Purr-sonality)

If you can’t decide between a surf board and a cheese board, I recommend the latter. I’d much rather be serving hardened dairy products than trying to learn 90’s surfer lingo. “Time to shred these gnarly waves, my dudes!” The cheese option is shaped like a cat, made of bamboo, and even comes with a spreader shaped like a mouse. At about nine inches tall and five and a half inches wide, it’ll hold plenty of little snacks for you and your company. Any soldier pirate guests are nearly sure to behold this set and exclaim, “Shiver me whiskers! This spread is the whole kitten caboodle!”

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Stirring Spoons (Shiny Beauties That Won’t Be Met with Catcalls)

If you don’t know what stirring spoons are for, don’t worry; you’re not alone, friend. Their purpose is- stirring things. And when you gotta stir stuff, these sleek, metal, kitty paw spoons are quite mew-nique. Some are holey, and some- get this- aren’t! I guess Robin from Batman will only comment on half of them. Regardless, these are a great way to mix things up with your kitchenware today.

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Measuring Spoons (Happy and Catty Increments)

I know measuring spoons are used for something, but I can’t remember what right off. Probably replacing lightbulbs. In any event, these ones are adorable! Plastic, painted, and cat shaped (including ears), they have ¼, ½, and 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon all held together by a little bow. With these little tools at your side, all other ones will suddenly seem in-fur-ior.

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Measuring Cups (A Cute Way to Handle Cooking Cat-alysts)

If you’re like more than 99% of all households, you own cups for measuring, so advertising more of them makes total sense. After all, this exchange surely takes place in all families:

“Everyone, we do not stop cooking till nightfall.”

“What about measuring cups?”

“You already have some.”

“We have one set, yes. But what about a second set?”

With all the basic cup increments- ¼, 1/3, ½, and 1- on painted ceramics while being good for both dry and wet ingredients, this set is great for preparing elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, and everything else. And they’re mighty purr-ty, too.

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Coffee Mug (For Adorable Meowthfuls of Caffeine)

Like I never say, “A morning without coffee makes you act like a cat.” Well, a mean one anyway. However, just having coffee is not enough. Nope. You also need something to put the coffee in. A container meant to both hold it and allow the content’s consumption. Thankfully, due to modern technology, there is an answer: a coffee mug. And if you always wanted to hold a cat by its tail without actually hurting one, this product has you covered with its unique handle. The face even looks toward it as if to say, “Why you touchin’ my tail, foo’?” This is one coffee-lovers gift that you don’t even need to paw-nder over.

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Coffee Mug Couple’s Set (The Cattiest Pair of Cups)

A coffee mug is to a person as a pair of coffee mugs is to a romantic couple. Genius analogy, huh? If you know a lovey-dovey pairing or are even a part of one, this is one purchase great enough that gifters wouldn’t even give paws. They’re microwave and dishwasher safe, and the cats on the outside even come together to nuzzle. Just cross your fingers in hopes they don’t cough up hairballs, too.

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Bag Clips (A Handy Paw-ssession to Help Foods Last)

Chip bags need to look more emo. Can I get an amen up in here? And for the countless people that echo that opening statement daily, there are bags clips. Not just any old ones, though. These ones look like smiling cats. Actually, extract those claws and scratch that. They look like cheeky cats. Like, they just used something other than the litter box and ain’t sorry at all. And again, they cover all of your food bag, emo-look needs by clipping onto the lip. Oh, and like, they keep the food inside fresh longer and stuff, but meh, who actually cares about that part. Psh.

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Smartphone Holder (Compact Prop for Your Device’s Tail End)

No matter how smart a phone may be, I’ve yet to see one with enough brains to stand on its own. There is hope, however! For that, there’s this cutesy, lil, black, polyresin, cat smartphone holder. This is one way to keep your cell erect for recording, video chats, and more that won’t be bringing you bad luck.

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Wine Holder (Get Compliments at Adult Paw-ties)

Never trust a cat with a bottle of wine. Otherwise, expect to hear the sound of broken glass. On the other hand, this metal wine holder shaped like a cat will never let you down- or your booze. It even has a look on its face that just says, “I drank some of this stuff. And now I regret it.” Sturdy, reliable, and an eye catcher for those that drink from the grapevine and like felines, how can you not see this and say, “Me-hic-ow.”

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Wine Stopper (One Fur-midable Bottle Cap)

Wine doesn’t drive, so stop signs are out of the questions. Instead, if you want it to stay in place, wine stoppers are the go-to option. Now, these ones are advertised as being “cat butt” themed with their little tushes up in the air and all, but “cat suffocation” is what I would have thought. Does anyone else think they look like cats with their heads stuck and unable to breathe? Well, whether you prefer to look at them in a cutesy or absolutely horrifying manner, they serve their purpose purr-fectly.

View Wine Stopper on Amazon


Well, that’s a dozen cat products to sink your fangs into so far, and I have another 12 to show too! Let’s continue, shall- we… Oh crud. I just remembered that I put my cat’s scratching post away last night, but I left my electric guitar out. Gotta go, so we’ll just have to resume this next time. Have a pleasant d- Hey, get your paws off the neck!

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